HSO *.hsb downloads (Should have read fxb)

Firstly just a trial post to “trial” My New logon with MySteinberg (nearly as complicated as getting HSO to play in Cubase 5 :slight_smile: )
Secondly I had forgotten after loading the HSO up with 16 instruments that it crashes and will not save or reload the soundbank. I am going to repopulate the track with lite soundbank until i have finished the arranging then change nad render to wav one track ata time for mixing the final. It occurred to me that there should be a place to share or download or upload the “MyLiteOrchestra.hsb” Thanks for helping with this!
also, it looks like i have lost my old monica and signature, I will redo full sys setup asap,
but for now…

Intel Q8200 @2.33GHz 2.34GHz
32bit vista 4gb

Just to clarify I am taking about sharing program banks for example; legato strings or spicato etc or even a configuration for RnB brass section or mysterious atmosphere, not the samples themselves but the config alone.

I have read the manual through again and will push the limits on the memory and pre read to see if I can keep the whole of the configuration in memory.

Also it may be that the set of soundbanks cannot be shared as users may store the files on different disks, that being the case the paths will not be interchangeable. I currently have mine in the default path.

One last thing I set the filter on my Proram bank but next time it opens the filter has gone back to all, is that how it is meant to work. it would be good if the filter remained where it was last set!

Having got to my DAW today after posting from my laptop last night, I cannot see the option described in the manual referring to enlarging the ram allocated to voices - memory max in thePlayer Options popup. I can get the pop up but no memory max!
Any ideas?

I guess that’ll be a no then! :neutral_face: