HSO instr set programs will not load in Halion Sonic 1.6.3

HSO instrument set programs will not load in Halion 1.6.3
Busy with updating, re-installing. Noticed that that Halion Sonic 1.5x needed upgrading to 1.6.3
(yep old stuff, I know)
Now I can not get my HSO instrument programs to load in any of the Halion Sonic slots anymore. Did work in Sonic 1.5 as a charm.
All the HSO sounds are listed in the “load” section they just will not load.

Removed Halion Sonic, reverted back to 1.5 worked okay again. Upgraded again to 1.6.3 -> no luck.

Noticed that old cubase projects that used the Halion Sonic/HSO combination still load correctly, I just can’t change the sounds in the slots anymore.
HSO patches now only loading in Halion SE

Anyone any ideas? People from Steinberg is this by design?

Missing a RW automation now, sigh.