HSO Instrument set disappointment

Hi! Being an old time user of HSO (in it´s original retail form) I´ve just installed the recent HSO instrument set (HSO is) as it is said that it will work with the old HSO. I need however to have a few things clarified.

  1. Can the new HSO not handle more than one midichannel/track at the time? Do you need to have a new instance of HSO for every new voice in a score? Seems primitive. There are no combinations of instruments or anything.

  2. After this new install the old HSO have disappeared from my Logic available instruments though it works in Cubase. Why?

It is a mystery why Steinberg doesn’t bother to provide better information and manuals. No information on the HSO at all with exception of some sound samples that don´t say anything on how the recordings were done? To make the showroom recordings is not possible with this version of HSO anyway. Are Steinberg really serious, after putting all the effort into recording good samples, why not go all the way? A mystery truly. I was surprised Steinberg let the HSO hang in midair for so many years with hardly any support or development work and when the instrument set now became available, I got new hope again. It doesn’t seem last I am afraid. IF I might not have misunderstood the workings of the HSO instrument set totally.