HSO is not loading after Upgrade from Elements

I am on Windows 10 and upgraded Dorico from Elements 2.2.20 to Pro.
I also installed Halion Symphonic Orchestra but it is not available in Dorico.
I uninstalled Dorico and installed it complete new incl. Playback 1 and 2 but it wasn’t helpful.
On Start up of Dorico - and also Cubase 9.5 Pro - I get this message
2019-05-25 12_11_34-Partie 1 in Unbenanntes Projekt 1_ (Keine Rückmeldung).png
On Start Up of Cubase HSO VST Plugin is loaded - I can see it in the Splash Screen - but put to the Black List and cannot be reactivated.
Can someone help?

Did you run the installer for HALion Symphonic Orchestra and, if relevant, click the box to install it for all users? I would recommend an All Users install. You cannot install HSO purely by double clicking the VST Sound files.

If you run the HSO installer and it goes into uninstall mode, uninstall, then reinstall.

If you can’t make the Dorico HSO installer work, you could try the HSO installer that you can download from the Absolute 4 collection - that version of HSO should work with a Dorico Pro licence.

Thank you for your reply.
After 5 times uninstalling and installing Halion SE3 and HSO it finally works.

Welcome to the forum, borntohorn. I hope you find that things proceed more smoothly having sorted this out, but do shout here if you need any further help.