HSO "Light" Bank voices - content files broken?

Although I have had success in the past, following a spate of updating etc. I now find that I have 12 voices in the Light Bank that will not play. When I attempt to access them I get a “The content file seem to be broken” message. The problem relates to both standalone and from within Cubase 5.5.

Support suggested that I remove the “Preference” files, which I have done. No luck there.

Obviously, I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling, and have downloaded to “Light” bank several times - making sure that it is in the same folder as the other content files, and have loaded them as per normal, using the “Option” button.

If it is relavant, I use the 32 bit Cubase and HSO, with a Lexicon Omega interface which, although works with my 64 bit Windows 7 operating system, will not work with 64 bit versions of the Steinberg progs. Pity! :cry:

Can anyone help please?

I have found that, when you need to use the “locate content” function, you need to select all the files in the file selector dialog (click on one file, then do Ctrl-A to select them all) before clicking “Open”.

Many thanks for your reply. You certainly got my hopes up. However, having spent the whole evening uninstalling and reinstalling Cubase 5 & the HSO with updates, and following your advice, I still have 12 voices from the Light Bank that will not play - and the appearance of “content file seems to be broken” message box.


Problem solved. As expected, it was all my fault. Whilst uninstalling/installing/updating etc., I had mistakenly deleted the 2.84GB HSO set of content files. I had dowloaded the “light” bank from the internet, included that with the 7.92GB HSO 16bit Edition content files and thought that I had them all.

Reinstalling the HSO 16bit Edition files from the original content disc did the trick!

Thanks for your indulgence.