HSO missing

Similar to a previous post my HSO files also won’t load. I have Cubase 6.5 and up until yesterday had no issues. I installed Native’s Damage software and it seemed to bump the HSO software out. I can see the files and program but can’t seem to get this to load back in. I’ve tried the VST connections and no luck. I tried the program stand alone and with Cubase and no luck. Anyone have any ideas on how to find the files and or why it got bumped out? I appreciate any help.

Hello dbud

Did you try this ?

loading the sound through halion sonic se

Btw : heavyocity damage is loaded into kontakt ?


Hey Werner,

Thanks for the Reply and I have now saved that link to try out tomorrow.
Damage does load through Kontakt 5.
All my VST’s were working fine in Sonic SE until I loaded Damage that’s kind of where my correlation with that came from. All of a sudden HSO disappeared.

I went back through and reinstalled all the updates and that brought my HSO back into the fold. Thanks for the help, I’m set