HSO & Mountain Lion OSX 10.8.2

I have the HSO 16 bit edition from Cubase 5.
Now I have installed Cubase7.
Now I need to install HSO in my MacBook Retina with OSX 10.8.2
I have installed the “HALion Symphonic Orchestra Mac - 32 Bit - 39 MB” successfully but when I try to install the content DVD program (in the original DVD1 & 2 from Cubase 5) the OS tell me that The Power PC applications is no more supported.
I have purchased HSO and I think it’s right thing I can use it on the latest mac until you’ll give us a more performant VST Orchestra opportunity, isn’t it?
Is it possible manually install the sound banks from dvd?

HSO works nice as vst sound instrument set within Halion Sonic SE.
You need to read this page (especially the bottom "activation:):

If the new HSO installer is not included on the cubase 7 disk, I’ll advise you to contact steinberg support.
The demo installer is available on every cubase 6 disk and you own the license.