HSO permanent license..- to what ?

Is the Halion Symphonic Orchestra supplied with Cubase 6 the same as the full version of HSO as stated here:
http://www.steinberg.net/en/shop/buy_product/sku/502015040.html ?
According to Steinberg the Halion Symphonic Orchestra consists of 27 GB and that can’t possibly fit on one dvd.
Steinberg says “The trial version can be upgraded online to a permanent license at a very special price — exclusive for Cubase 6 customers”.
But which product is it… ?

No. It’s a version that works with HALion Sonic SE and does not contain the the 24-bit sample content. It is the equivalent of the special offer 16-bit HSO for Cubase 5 users, however that version came in the form of a dedicated VSTi and also had a standalone player, so it could be used outside of Cubase.

Think of the HALion Symphonic VST Sound Instrument Set as a patch bank/sample set combination for HALion Sonic SE.

Good description, I just want to add this info to clarify: like the 16-bit HSO for Cubase 5 users, the HSO VST Sound instrument Set for C6 users includes all sounds of the big HSO retail version (the only difference is the lack of 24-bit samples). The version included in C6 had a complete makeover and we are confident, it is much more usable now (thanks to the new HALion Sonic SE engine used).

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and the Halion Symphonic Full 24 bit is currently not available?

Helga Chris, this forum needs a sticky !

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From this description I am coming to the conclusion that it is impossible to buy a 24 bit library with the ability to use note expression fully?