HSO Sound settings problems!

Hi everyone!

I am using HSO trial version and there is a sound problem I have - I don’t know for sure whether it is the HSO or Cubase problem, but I didn’t have it with other samples so I am assuming it is HSO.

So, I pick up a few string instruments (solo Violin, violins legato, violas, cellos pizz, basses pizz), record, everything sounds great, I save the project, quit Cubase and when I open the project again, everything looks the same, but - SOUNDS DIFFERENT!.. Violas stop playing, they sometimes give out a note or two from the recorded track, cellos too, strangely just the solo violin stays the same… So then I have to re-set the instruments I want from the HSO list, everything sounds as it should, but - if I close the project (after saving) and open I will get the same problem!..
Why??..Has anyone experienced the same?

Could that mean that there is some kind of fault in the trial version?

Please help!!!..

Sounds like a demo limitation. Have you looked in the Knowledge Base or the Bug List to see if there’s any info?