HSO trial version

I have a copy of HSO trial version that came free with Cubase 6. I’ve installed it (twice) but it does not appear in the list of VST plug-ins in Cubase. Further, although it seems to instal perfectly, when I try to “find” it in Windows 7 using a simple search for “Halion Symphonic”, I can’t find the files anywhere. Where does it install, how can I find it, and how can I direct Cubase to pick it up?

On a seperate, but perhaps linked note, I can’t find anywhere to register this product. It doesn’t come up on the list of products available to register on my E-Licenser. Does it need registering or not?

It’s a soundset for Halion Sonic SE, so it’ll appear in that VST.

You should be able to filter by library in MediaBay.

If a license is activated on your USB e-licenser and the e-licenser is registered in mySteinberg, then the license will appear there.
However, I do not believe that trial licenses appear in mySteinberg.