HSO vs Halion Sonic SE

I’m thinking of buying HSO to go with Cubase 9.5 Pro.
In Cubase 9.5 there is Halion Sonic SE which also has string patches that sound OK
So does anyone think the HSO sounds are better than the Halion Sonic SE string sounds ?

The Halion Sonic SE strings are much simpler and are mainly meant for mainstream music genres. Halion Symphonic Orchestra will sound more convincing in an orchestral context, or if you need a more intimate sound.

Thanks i’m trying the demo version of HSO and i’m impressed.
Now, when i put the 2 together in a simple trial peace they sound great so i’m probably going to buy HSO.

Do i hve to un install the demo version of HSO to install the paid version ?

No, you just have to activate your license and the demo version will turn into the full version.

Many Thanks
I’ve just activated my dongle so i’ll have a go