HSO with Cubase Artist 6 - lost

Another confused HSO newbie…

Just received a Steinberg marketing email promoting a 50% price for HSO [activation key], so, having never dabbled in HSO, I thought, why not? But before buying the key, thought I’d seek out the trial, because…

…the beginning part of the marketing email stated: “Purchase now to unlock the exclusive trials included with Cubase 6/6.5 and Cubase Artist 6/6.5, and save half the price.”

However, there was no HSO trial discs with my C6 Artist pack (just trials for Sonic and The Grand)…and no trial activation key. I presumed then, that the HSO is a set of instrument files…but where? I could not see anything resembling HSO type VST files anywhere on the discs (under , or elsewhere).

Sorry to be “thick”…but where is the HSO instrument set that is meant to be included with C6 Artist? Maybe it’s there, but invisible until I apply either a trial or full activation key (in which case, I’d prefer the former first…).

I even fired up the Sonic Trial but could not see it listed in the Preset pull down menu.

Mac OSX 10.7, Cubase 6

Hi there,

the HALion Symphonic Orchestra VST Sound Instrument Set 16-bit is not part of the Cubase Artist 6 box.
The DVD is only in the Cubase 6 box.

But you can write an email to info@steinberg.de
and we will send you a download link for ISO.

We do not offer a download for a Trial version, so the download is only for customers which purchased the
license in our Web- Shop.

Best regards,


Excellent, thanks! I will.