HSO & Yosemite & App Installer + GA4

Hi All,

System: Mac OS10.10 Yosemite and Logic 10.07

  1. I buy HSO
  2. Doesn’t install
  3. Get Installer Tool
  4. Still doesn’t work
  5. AU manager states “Couldn’t be opened”
  6. I owned HSO 3, it worked until I upgraded, some nice sounds, woodwinds, yes!
  7. So, I was excited when i saw the new version.
  8. Now, fed up that it doesn’t work.
    Groove Agent 4
  9. Likewise, GA4 doesn’t work properly, lots of emails to resolve, they just want to acess my Mac over the Internet, that ain’t gonna happen, who in their right mind is going to give someone open access to their computer. What!?
  10. I now open a song in Logic X, GA4 fails, I then select it my Steinberg VI list and, Eureka, it works. Yay!
  11. I saved the GA4 set up fortunately, so I can call it up each time I work on this seriously important production.
  12. Is it a hassle. YES.
  13. Is it right that companies release products that don’t function properly.? NO!
  14. Lastly, another well known company to whom I wrote and received over 100 emails trying to resolve the issue of why their instruments wouldn’t work, they have just upgraded, guess what, it all works now, but they blamed my system and also wanted access to it over the internet. Please note, it had nothing to do with my computer. I have lots of other companies products working 100%.
  15. Well, I would be gratefull if you would find a solution asap, as you have taken my money for these products and have not delivered something that I can use.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards

Keith Hutchinson
Tangent Music
South Africa