HSSE vanishes when creating project backup

Hello all,

has someone noticed this ?
I’m making a project backup out of Cubase almost every day. I noticed that sometimes the backup-ed project has all HSSE instances removed. All other VSTs used in the project are still there. The midi tracks linked to the HSSE are still there but not playing back anything since the VSTi is gone. This happened to me twice in the last two weeks with different projects.
It is not fatal since I go back to an older version and save the HSSE with its instruments as preset, return to the latest backup and load the preset and match the midi tracks again but it’s just annoying.

I also had a Cubase freeze when I had it playing back and doing an Audio Export at the same time. When the export starts, the playbak stops (ok) but when the progress bar is at 100%, it does not go away - C8 is totally forzen, the file created can not be listened in any player and I had to kill C8 with the task manager. So just be waware this can happen.