HT on or off?

Hi there guys. I am building myself a new DAW based on an I7 4790k.

On my older system based on an i7 2600k I turned hyperthreading off in bios as that was the advice from steinberg and forum members back then.

How is it these days with cubase pro 7/8 and windows 7, should HT be turned on or off?

Thanks in advance.

Kim :nerd:

I have it turned on with no problems.

My best advice, turn HT on, if it causes a problem, turn it off.

I’ve HT turned off and on but can’t say there’s any difference so I left it on.

Hello Kim, mine is turned on. It was turned off, but then I saw some conversation from Freddie Holm (I think that’s his name - Freddie H - quite a talented guy btw) so I turned it back on. I haven’t seen an issue with it on. Here’s where some of the discussion is:
I am sure there is more from him so search.

One issue with turning it off and then turning it back on was that Native Instruments wasn’t authorized when I turned it back on, and I had to reauthorize it. Apparently it’s authorized to individual cpu’s.

I’m leaving it alone now with HT on.

Same thing happens with Plugin Alliance plugs…

Hi there guys, and thanks for the advice. I’ll leave it on then :slight_smile:

Yes Freddie Holm is an outstanding musician. He hails from pretty close to where I live :slight_smile:

Another Q:
What about Steinberg power scheme and asio guard 2?
On or off?

All the best, Kim :slight_smile:

For me, ASIO Guard left on the default setting and High Performance setting in Windows Power Options works the best.

Have a Happy Christmas Kim :slight_smile: !

HT is left on here after upgrading to i7 4790k Devils Canyon, performance is superb after a fresh install, worth spending a painfully long few days on. There are other things to tweak though and Steinbergs advice on DAW optimisation leaves a lot to be desired.

One of the best guides online for DAW optimisation for both PC and MAC is at: