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While it’s nice to have thumbprints of each project, I would prefer a simple list.
Just too much real estate is given over to the thumbprints and not enough information is available even on a large screen.
Most users know what their projects are and don’t need an image to tell them.
When the image is not of a high definition anyway and many projects might have similar templates the thumbprint is pretty pointless. Such is the case for me where nearly all projects are either grand staff or choral.
One might expect that opening the View menu would give you options not unlike Finder or Explorer - not so. A list you can sort by date stamp, alphanumeric or a name search would be more useful.


Yes, this has been requested a few times now. I believe there are a good number of us who would like to have list view back and I expect it shall return sooner than later.


Ar perhaps the option to choose between list, thumbnail, grid…


In addition to a list view I would also like the Enter key to open the document that is selected and the Tab key to move between documents.



All already well noted.


I agree that a list would be good as an alternate view (like in the Finder). Also, in a list, there’s an opportunity to include other data, like last mod date, instrumentation (hard to say how to abbreviate this properly, particularly for large ensembles, but if it’s a stock group like a string quartet or wind quintet, that would be easy). A first couple of notes, in cue style might be neat, at the left (like the TOC you see in some editions of Piano Sonatas and Symphony study scores.). Perhaps something like:

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Agreed, and also - don’t know about anyone else but my thumbs aren’t loading even if created in 4

Hi dear colleagues,
+1 here for the List menu in the Dorico Hub.
Just would be nice if the List Menu shows also the creation/last modification dates.
The thumbprints are comfortable for the iPad version, but for the Desktop version of Dorico
the List Menu is far more useful.
I don’t mind if both co-exist for those who prefer the thumbprints over the list.
After all Dorico should evolve in a way that it will give more freedom to us to find our own way to work with it. :slight_smile:

Best wishes,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:

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I also wish “Create New” just took me a normal new project instead of forcing me into a template.

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There is an “empty” category you can use. (But I agree; I’m not a fan of doing initial setup this way. Five years in and I’m very happy opening up a blank project the old way.)

You cans also still use the cmd-N shortcut to bypass the templates.