Hub in dorico 4 uses large icons - is list view available

i like list view as it is a more efficient presentation of data for me; that is, i can see more projects. is there an option for this in V4?


Yes please for this feature. I’m scoring a musical and find it easier to have every song/instrumental as a separate project. I, too, would prefer list view for my long history of numbers.

Yes, please. The icons are unnecessarily large for me too.


Yes please from me too. TBH I can’t really see the point of the icons, unless maybe they’re a stepping stone to a small jpeg of the piece itself. They give the impression that everything is the same. JMO.

One other issue with the hub which I’m learning to avoid but I’ll bet others have fallen into the same trap - The Open or Import File doesn’t relate to items in the window. Only a double click can do that AFAIK.

They are! Projects saved in 4 will show a preview from now on.

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Is that a setting Peter? I’m still seeing the icons.

ETA: Belay that, I’ve had Dorico 4 open for a while and just needed to Stop / Start it to get the icons showing.

Now that you mention it, I can’t find a setting for it, it’s probably simply automatic. As soon as you save a project in D4, you get a thumbnail image in the hub.

the the release notes drop a little nugget about this right at the end: saving now generates tiny thumbnail previews for display in the hub and! With a future update, support for quick look on Mac.

I now see that the first page of my new project replaces the D icon. But as the musical text is too small to be read, I dont find it much use. An alternative of a listing option would be much appreciated.

I’d find it really handy in the Hub if we could navigate through the previews using the keyboard’s arrow keys, and that we could load a file by pressing Return. As it is now, the choices are mouse-driven.


Daniel responded to this yesterday.

Thanks. Missed that.

Another vote for list view on the hub. Please! Or at least an option to do so. This is reminiscent of ribbon view in Sibelius (ugh), forcing the user to view something in a way they prefer not to. I’m a detailed list view guy.