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When opening Dorico 4, is it possible to skip the hub all together?
And if the answer is no, can you set another default for the hub, like Rastral Size? All my layout options are set, but when I start a new project through the hub, the staff size is 7.0mm because of the hub if I don’t pay enough attention :slight_smile:


Isn’t this a default that can be changed? I mean : select all parts and / or all full scores in Layout options. Set the rastral size to what you want. Hit apply. Now hit Save as default. Now, from now on, if you don’t use a template from the hub, the rastral size should be your default.

But how do I not choose a template from the hub?
I don’t see an option to close the window and just start a new project without the hub getting in the way (despite it begin very useful sometimes, ofcourse, especially for new users)

In the Layout options, the defaults are changed to rastral size 6.0mm for instance, but when I select something from the hub, the settings are being overruled (7.0mm) because I chose the template in the hub.

Is there a way to get around it and ‘just’ start a new project without the hub?

You can use the other options mentioned at the end of this page.

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Yes, cmd/ctrl-N should help to create a new project!

Wow. Everytime the solution comes and I’m like ‘how did I not think of this.’

Thanks guys :sweat_smile:

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