Hub: "New Product" ... supplied link doesn't describe it?

“New: Free Mixing App for UR Series Audio Interfaces”

… brings me to this page:

Which describes a Sept 2009 release of the CI2 Studio, and also the news headlines , most recent of which is March 18, 2014, “Out Now: Sounds of Soul”.

I may be blind and it is somewhere on the page I’m not seeing :blush: , but if not, where can I find the info on the “New Free Mixing App for UR Series Audio Interfaces”?

Thanks -

Where are you getting that from?
I would assume it’s a reference to the Cubase AI that’s usually bundled with the product.

Your C7 question is…?

Sorry, should have been more clear.

When I opened C7.5.20 last night, there was that announcement in the left hand side of the Steinberg hub, about 3 or 4 items from the top. Clicking on it brought me to a Steinberg page dated 2009 or so.