Hub no longer saving recent projects.

Hi guys.
I’ve got Cubase 10 Pro running on Windows 10.
Recently my recent projects have stopped showing up in my hub.
If I save a project and then open the hub the new saved project shows in the hub but after shutting cubase down and restarting it is gone.
I have updated to 10.0.40 but this hasn’t helped.
Any advise ?

I’ve only had this happen when Cubase isn’t shutting down properly…have a look at the time stamp on your preferences files maybe?

hi, a success story i want to add to this.
i had the same problem and thanks to “planarchist” for the tip with the timestamp of “preferences”.

For me, Cubase no longer remembered the projects after a certain date. I deleted the preferences and when Cubase rebuilt the next time I booted up, the problem was solved.
All projects that I created from then on appeared in the hub again.

best regards

Hi mk4life.
I have this same problem in Cubase 10.5 Pro
Do not understand how did you do that… Where are those “preferences” that you deleted?

Likewise my Recent Projects list is not being updated. (Cubase 8.5). I understand that if I can delete the Recent Project list Cubase will start collecting afresh.

But where is the Recent Project is the stored?