Hub view in v4

I’m gleefully looking forward to getting to grips with the new version. I’m looking at the hub, and what I’ve got is a matrix of tiles, like you’d get in File Manager if you set view to extra large icons.

I noticed in the live introduction yesterday that John’s hub looked more like the previous version’s, but I can’t see how to change the layout, since that’s what I’d prefer. Is there a way to do this?

The Hub now has 3 pages – you can switch between them at the top. I suspect you’re looking at “Open Recent”, whereas the page John was looking at for setting up a new project is “Create New”.

I’m really not enjoying the gigantic tiles on the Open Recent page (though Open Enclosing Folder is very welcome). Also, the arrow heads beside the page names seem rather random.

@tristis, you have a font problem. You need to remove the installed copy of Dorico Icons found somewhere on your computer and restart the application.

I only see Dorico Icons installed in the Dorico 4 folder (Windows 10), so just want to double-check I have to remove it? My Hub window looks slightly strange too, as if the font size changes from left to right across the panels…

The Hub is showing the expected icons for you, @ebrooks. Doesn’t look like you have anything to worry about.

The previews of file contents are a welcome addition! If the Mac version could take advantage of Retina screen resolution, as Dorico itself does, that would be a big enhancement.

In Open Recent, the blue border around a selected file is misleading UI:

  • Can’t press Return to open the selected item
  • Can’t move between items with cursor keys

What else is the border for? I can select an item but I can’t then do anything else with it. I have to double-click to open it. Just wondering what the plans are.

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Keyboard access for the Hub is planned, but it’s true that in the meantime, the outline around the nominally active item in the grid doesn’t get you very far.


Somewhere down the road, I’d like to see an option to display recent files in a list view rather than as icons.


Renaming the Dorico 3.5 DoricoIcons-Regular.ttf took care of this thanks.

Two computers done; three to go.