Huge bug in Mac OS while working with video

I’m wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

If I step away from my workstation and let it idle for a while and then come back to it, Cubase isn’t frozen but the video is. I try to move the playhead to scrub around, and the video stays where it is. Then, a second later, Cubase starts beach-balling on me off and on, and I have to force quit it.

This only happens if I stop working for a while. Is it some sadistic measure to sure we don’t slack off? :wink: I believe the video engine has some big problems, and is also the root cause behind Cubase hanging upon closing a project (whether you have a video imported or not).

Maybe you could check your powersettings? Don’t know much about Mac, but in Windows, you have to turn off every powersaving feature, standby functions and so on.

It is indeed recommended to set your power settings to high performance, which, among lots of other things, prevents the computer from sleeping.
But it would be nice if it didn’t crash on sleep :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting, I had no idea that was recommended. I’ll give that a shot. The earth is gonna hate me though. :slight_smile:

Spending more time with your DAW saves up on lighting and televisionset power usage in your living room :smiley: