Huge.csh files and slow save time


I´m working mostly with large feature lenght documentaries. A couple times a year the project file size gets really big. Saving the project takes a long time, and everything slows down. My last project was really crazy with .csh files as big as 4.3GB, and wave forms where disappearing and then comming back again. I do a lot of offline processing, but there must be something wrong when this happens. Anyone else experiencing this?


Yes, I am. Also sometimes the waveforms are not representing the actual (offline-processed) audio. I can however bypass the processes and reactivate them to refresh the waveform. But this can take hours in large projects as it will be completely recalculated. It’s for example quite irritating to see the clicks that already have been removed and can’t be heard anymore.
The disappearing of waveforms is even more irritating.
I tried to delete the .csh file and let Nuendo rebuild it. I had the impression that it helped at least with the sluggishness. But I have to investigate further to confirm this.