Huge Cursor Bug at 125%

Since I upgraded to C11, I’ve started to work at 125% (in Windows 10).

I randomly started loosing sight of the cursor. It simply disappears. See the attached picture. You can clearly see the bug. The cursor is shown in the upper track list and not in the lower track list. Without the track divider, it simply disappears. This is not a small bug. It’s huge. It renders the whole HiDPI thing pretty useless. One of the worst bugs I’ve ever encountered in Cubase.

Loosing the cursor is inexcusable. You can’t release a version with such a huge issue.

So please, someone at Steinberg needs to comment this and tell us it’s being fixed as we speak. There’s a limit to releasing crappy updates that breaks the software.

At this point, maybe Steinberg should start charging us yearly subscriptions instead. They could then release there updates when they’re ready instead of pushing for November release every year without any regards to quality control.