Huge distorsion on steinberg UR22

Hello guys,

Last month, I have purchased a Steinberg UR22 in order to do some bass recording. If it worked very well at the beginning i now have a lot of distorsion (especially on the low and low/mids frequencies).
The even weirder part is that when i configure windows in MONO mode (in the accessibility parameters), the distortion is gone.
I have of course tried to reinstall the drivers etc… but nothing seems to work.

Has anyone faced this issue before ?

Thank you very much for your help

Are your stereo tracks summed?

There is a discussion here that kind of covers the issue.

Thanks a lot for your answer
I think this solution applies well on Cubase or any other mixing/recording software. But in my case the distorsion is always there, even when i listen to music from youtube or itunes. Where i don’t really have access to the stereo tracks.