Huge favour plese? - could someone quantise this guitar part

I’ve got an acousstic guitar part which is well played but I’m really struggling with getting this nice and tight using the advanced quantize and OR musical mode audio quantizing. I have tried various things from the manual but fnding it just impossible.

I’m wondering if I upload these two guitar parts could someone please get them tight with the track but without any audible artifacts? Really hoping someone can help, its a big ask but workng to a deadline and this just isnt working for me from the manual.

Anyone ? :slight_smile:

Trouble getting it tight with what? Mid part or another audio part?

If it midi or part midi and part audio and the part sounds “right” without quantising try
“Midi menu /Functions / Merge Tempo from Tapping”
tap along with the piece (in a new midi track with cowbell sound or whatever) until satisfied that all is ok that the tempo is faithful to the guitar track, then you can delete the guide track and the midi tempo now follows the audio part as will any midi instrument parts. Audio parts can be “felt” in if the timing is not to abstruse.
This way you’d get a more natural performance to the original without artifacts.

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Al send me the parts & Ill do it m8… is it 4/4…if so Ill have a bash, if its 3/4 or 6/8 or something …Ill avoid like the plague… :laughing:

+1 COnman !

I needed that info - recently had to manually quantize a guitarist who apparently could not follow my cowbell !

Cowbell FTW !