Huge inter-system gap

Despite having 0 spaces set for the gap between systems, I’ve got an enormous gap between systems. The page is being vertically justified, and there’s no set number of systems per page.
What am I missing?

This is probably too obvious, so apologies if it seems patronising, but what options are set under Layout Options > Vertical Spacing > Vertical Justification?

60%. They ARE being justified. If I increase those to 100%, I end up with no justification, and the systems don’t reach the bottom margin.

Ben, can you screenshot the whole page, even if you have to shrink it down?

Here’s one.

In fact, now it doesn’t matter whether I put 0% or 100% in either of the Vertical Spacing options. Nothing changes.

You mean it’s justifying vertically even when you have 100% entered?

Arrrrrgh. Pilot error. I had a different layout selected in the Options from the one I was viewing. Ignore me.

It looks like Dorico is only justifying the distance between systems, not the distance between staves as well.

There are two option in Layout Options - Vertical Spacing.

Justify distance between staves and systems …
Justify distance only between systems …

The second percentage should be bigger than the first. The idea is that if the page is “nearly full” you just increase the space between the systems, but if it is “less full” you also increase the distance between the staves in each system.

For your score, if your page is say 50% full with no justification at all, you want to set the first option set to less than 50% and the second one to more than 50%.