Huge latency while Control Room enabled

Hi there!

I notice that a super latency occurs when I activate the control room.
However, the project is very simple, no effects. Everything is set up so that there is no latency and in fact there is no latency. When i click on “enable control room”, a very big latency instantly appears. Yet there is no effects on the cue mixes.

Does anyone have an idea bout how to fix that problem?

In case it helps, the audio interface is a U-phoria UMC 1820.

any effects on any of the monitor channels ? not just cue channels



Any plug-in on any Channel after Stereo Out (including)?

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No effects at all

@Martin.Jirsak and no plug in too


Could you attach the screenshots, please?

control room enabled, huge latency

control room disabled, almost zero latency

interesting - you haven’t enabled any monitor channels in control room - just cue channels

there are different types of channels in the control room - make some and connect to you interface ouputs - and disconnect the ones in the ‘output’ tab


Could we see the Control Room window screenshot, please? I mean the one you can show as Right Zone in the MixConsole.

now monitors are connected, it doesn’t change the latency

like this @Martin.Jirsak ?

in Audio Connections (F4 on the keyboard) > control room tab

the first picture you posted - there are 3 cue channels (cue 1 manu,2 matt and 3 palain) but no monitor channel

add a MONITOR channel - I posted a link to the manual page for it :slight_smile:

set the output of the NEW monitor channel to your main stereo outs on your audio interface - and disconnect everything else (including in the output tab)

Okay, I managed to create a monitor channel, disconnected the cues

So I continued, connected Monitor 1 on the audio interface’s main outputs.There is no sound but I see latency on the levelmeters


not quite sure what that means ?

now there is sound (i mean there is sound in the microphone) but still a big latency

in that picture the l/r outputs in the output tab are still connected
in the previous picture the ones in the control room (NEW monitor channels) are NOT connected

again - apologies but ‘sound in the microphone’ doesn’t make sense ?

When I connect the Monitor 1 to the main physical outputs, I don’t have monitoring (no sound). When the Monitor 1 is not connected, I do have monitoring, I hear my voice through the microphone, with a latency.