Huge number of Audio Tracks & Plug-Ins: Disc Glitch

hello everyone,

i’m working on windows7 (64-bit) with cubase 5.5.1 32-bit… 6GB RAM… Cubase and Windows on C: Samsung HD103SJ and Audio Source on Disc D: Seagate Barracuda 7200.12

audio interface: rme multiface II, I’m using 512 or 1024 latency

I’m working on a huge project with nearly 200 audio tracks, no midi or VST instruments… everything is bounced to audio, 24-bit… i’m using a lot of plug-ins…
my problem: I get disc-glitches… audio won’t play smoothly…
do you think I can improve the situation by changing the hard disc set-up?

Changing my C: System (Cubase) Hard Disc to SSD would be good?! But I have to install everything new and I don’t have the time for it…

Changing D: (where I store my audio tracks and the project folders) to a faster Hard Disc?

Mmmmh, I guess the best try woould be to upgrade to cubase 64-bit?
Can I install another cubase version (let’s say cubase 6 64-bit) simultaneously on my system? (the cubase version that supports 64-bit is cubase 6 and 7, right?)

do you think I can add-install the 64 bit versions of some plug ins I’m using and cubase 5 (32bit) and cubase 6 (64bit) would work without compromises (of course, I don’t want to run both versions simultaneously;)

thanks for your help and recommondations.

best wishes,

Memory usage? ASIO Meter level? You can have multiple versions installed.

memory usage via task manager is about 4GB… in Cubase the ASIO meter level (F12): Disc is spiking a lot (100%, red) and CPU only 20%…

so, that’s the problem? I can’t imrpove the situation by switching to a better/faster hard disc (ssd)?
32-bit /4GB limitation is the problem for audio spikes?