huge performance impact when deact. multi players

I am starting to get pissed when waiting 10+ Minutes for Dorico to work on this:

I imported a MIDI (orchestral, split articulations for each SPITFIRE instrument)
I have a FULL SCORE layout
To clean up and merge lanes I like to limit the view, starting with the top instr. Piccolo.
In the PLAYERS field I deselect the next instrument (Flute 1), scroll down to the bottom and SHIFT+Click to deselect the whole range

Guess what, DORICO is removing every single instr. one by one and takes 8-10 seconds for EACH. hello? I could bake a cake in between. :imp:
Especially now when my deadline comes close I frankly get very nervous on D2

This is to be expected.
One thing you can do that might speed up the process is:

  1. Close all layouts (whether individual tabs or windows) apart from a single part layout.
  2. Save the project.
  3. Close the project.
  4. Reopen the project.
    then start adding and removing players/instruments.

For what it’s worth, I’ve never seen Dorico crash while doing this - it always gets there eventually.

I’m not sure what you mean with “one by one”, which might lead me to believe that you might be missing something in your workflow. You should perhaps select all instruments before and tick off the Full score layout, instead of the other way around. But yes, this is definitely a problem. Alternatively, you could instead work on a custom layout where you add all the players you need to merge, instead of adding and removing players successively in the Full score layout.

Luís is correct, of course. It’s still a slow process, with a large project.

@LSalgueiro: what do you mean with “tick off the Full score layout” ? I see no tick-off option in the LAYOUTS panel

This is what Luís means:

ahh I see. The other way around. I still seem to have troubles understanding the whole concept but I get it now.
Thanks a lot

btw. how did you create the Giffy ?

On Windows I use LICEcap. I would link to that URL but I can’t because it has a colloquial term for a phallus in the domain name. Seriously.

edit: Here’s an image of that URL.

thanks a lot.

Your videos are true lifesavers, Leo!

If someone ever hears of a quick gif-making app that downscales on the fly (or when uploading to e.g., do let me know. This forum allows a maximum width of 700 pixels, which is a pain when working on a screen whose resolution is 3840x2160!

Not sure I like the sound of a lice cap on my …

Fnar fnar.