Huge template : audio tracks crash

I have a huge template : 4k instrument tracks (disabled by default) and 3GB .cpr
If an audio track is present at the bottom of the template, it crashes. If my template goes more than around 3.2k tracks the problem happens. Below that amount it works fine. I tried with a new template, different context, no plugin, different hard drive, different instruments, different buffer, different cpu load or ram load, it happens all the time (I checked around 150 different scenarios during an tedious week, the only factor is too much tracks). There is a specific track position below which the problem happens. Works above. My computer is strong enough for the load, when the template is open, it uses only 13% CPU and 7% RAM. There is no peak of asio meter. The problem is not random, it happens each time in the same conditions.

All the rest is working fine. Just audio tracks crash.

The problem :

  1. I insert an audio track below that point. I can save the project. But next opening it will crash.
  2. If I insert an audio track, do a direct offline processing, save the project, I get the error

Workarounds :
If I move the audio above the thresold position it works, but tracks below would bug
If I manually delete the audio folders “audio” and “edits” I can open again the crashing project (from problem 1.)

ps : please no laugh message or why do you neek 4k tracks, that is not the topic here. Thanks =)


How did you manage to have such a big CPR file, please? Do you have an Arturia instruments in the project by any chance?

Well I have a lot of orchestral sounds from Kontakt and some Kontakt patches are pretty heavy in term of footprint on the cpr weight. 4000 instrument tracks make the size of the cpr goes very heavy. After my tests, it seems that the limit of size without encountering the problem described above is around 2GB. Yes there was an Arturia instrument track. I removed it, gaved exactly the same problem.


There is a known issue in the current Arturia plug-ins. They store some data to the project every time you save it, what makes the project size growing quite quickly.

Thanks for your answer. Well noted about Arturia plugins. As said, I tried with no Arturia plugin and got the same result. Orchestral Tools products on Kontakt are also huge in term of project file size increasment.

Anyhow, I guess it is not normal that Cubase crashes when the .cpr file is too big, despite the computer resources are not overwhelmed ?


Unfortunately this happens.