Huge UI Elements

On opening Dorico on a new laptop I get a huge UI:

Any idea how to fix this?

I’m guessing this has to do with either screen resolution or UI scaling. What type of laptop and what’s your system scaling?

You should try changing the display scaling, which is in the Display page within the Settings app in Windows 10. You should set the scaling to something like 125%. Instructions on Microsoft’s web site can be found here.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I vaguely remember that you also can do this for individual apps. Right-click on the app → properties → compatibility or something like that.

Running Windows 10 on a Dell XPS 13 Laptop; it is 1920x1080 on 13.3" display.
Thanks, Daniel - changing display scaling from 150% (default) to 125% put it to a regular size.

It appears Dorico responds to 150% scaling with a huge UI whereas other programs scale the UI only modestly - I suppose this is a bug?

Whether this is Dorico or windows I don’t know but I haven’t as yet had this issue with another program.

We’ve tested Dorico on a few different high-density displays connected to or integrated into Windows systems (e.g. on the Surface Pro 3) and not encountered this problem, but I think when you’re using 1920x1080, which is not technically a high-density display, you should not advance the scaling beyond 125% in any case.