Huge volume issues


I opened Cubase today and my session volume output is crazy low…
Didn’t change anything that I’m aware of, but the output volume coming out of Cubase is really low. All my other software on my laptop are running at normal volume, which is like x10 times higher. The Master fader and the Meter Master / Loudness is normal, meaning like yesterday when the vol output was normal (15 integrated LUFS) and RMS between 5 an 10, but that doesn’t come out at all from my speakers.

It’s like everything is dimmed, I checked VST connection, Audio settings, everything is normal.
Nothing on my Master bus, like a massive brickwall limiter badly set-up, nothing like that.
I don’t understand.
Any idea?

Does your mixing board have a built in sound card or are you using the default sound in your Mac?
Maybe something you have to address on the UI of the sound card.
Have you checked the control room functions?
Are you getting full level reading on your master fader? If not, check pre routing.
Start from the master fader and work backward in the routing.
If you’re getting full level on your master, it may be the routing in your sound card.
Just checking possibilities I can think of.

Thanks for your support.
I just found out… I guess I needed a good night of sleep. Took my evening away yesterday as I couldn’t do anything and couldn’t figure out.
It was as simple as the Control Room volume, I adopted the CR recently, but of course don’t master it apparently, and some simple feature like the volume off the CR was not really something I was used to and I must have clic / move it accidentally.
Waking up this morning I was hoping it was the DIM button, but no, just the volume.
As simple as that.
Thanks man!

Glad you resolved the problem.