Huge waveforms

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All the audio waveforms have changed to big blocks inside each audio track window. There is no alteration to the sound. This happened all of a sudden, for all the audio samples in the project, and when I double click on a audio sample it shows a normal waveform in the audio editor. Why are all the audio waveforms now solid blocks in the project window and how do I change it back so you can see the waveform clearly without having to go into the audio editor every time?

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This may help, but it may not :slight_smile: In your project folder you have an ‘images’ folder, and in that are .peak files. These store the waveform graphic, but you can delete them and they’ll be recreated from the original audio (it may take a while). Try it and see if they get correctly recreated. Or, if you want to be really safe, then just rename a single selected file and see if it corrects that audio part in Cubase.


Hoho, on the other hand, perhaps you’re simply zoomed in rather a lot. There’s two zoom operations, one for the tracks and another for the waveform pictures inside the parts - it’s probably that tbh rather than corrupted .peak files!


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“Ditto” what Gargoyle said, I remember it happening to me Looooong ago, as he says there are TWO zoom scroll buttons one for the track and one that controls the waveform width, the one for the track width is Below the scroll bar and the waveform one is ABOVE the scroll bar

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