Huh? Quantizing Warp Markers in 7.5?

I can easily quantize warp markers in Cubase 6, in free warp mode, within the sample editor in Cubase 6

I cannot get this to work in 7.5


I don’t use this much, but could it be that you need to click that wiggly line next to the Q/Qi button to make the Quantize function act on audio instead of midi?


thanks Mike, quite correct!

Cool! It sure took me a while to find the wiggly line button when I was trying to quantise audio recently… I reckon it changed in Cb7 along with the Q and the Qi functions losing their separate shortcut keys (which annoys me, grrrr, because I use them both very frequently!).

Actually, just to correct what I said above, it’s not acting on audio or midi it’s acting on either the audio parts themselves when off, i.e. quantising parts using their snap points, or when on it’s quantising using warp makers or hitpoints (there I get hazy) within the audio part(s).