HUI Question:Use Motormixes or throw them in a lake?

Hi All,

I have a couple motormix controllers that I’m considering having refurbished to control Cubase 7, but since they aren’t currently in working condition, I’m not sure how nice they’ll play together. Is the Cubase 7 64 bit HUI working for everyone well? Is this going away/not being supported? I don’t want to take on the expense if I can’t use them to their full capacity.

ANNNNYBODY using HUI? Throw me a bone here :wink:

The Mackie and Baby HUI standards are definitely still supported as well as others.
See the document “Remote_Control_Devices” in the Cubase documentation.

Thanks for your response… I’ll be sending them out for a rebuild soon! It’s going to be nice to finally have some faders to throw!

Personally, I would throw them in a lake and get an Ipad…

If I had an iPad and somehow got my hands on real hardware controller instead, the iPad would find itself at the bottom of a lake. Fortunately I don’t own an iPad and have real hardware controller already … so I don’t have to pollute a beautiful lake with a piece of iExcrement.

To each his own, I have a load of hardware controller and my Ipad and Lemur is BY FAR the best controller (aside from a mouse of course) I’ve ever used.