Hui settings

Hi i have a system of 32 faders installed in my console ( works with hui protocol and i made work in almost all DAW that i know except in the one that i use to work all days cubase ,the think is that when i settings the 4 ports that i need each one with his diferent out and in midi port whats happend is the next thing fader 1 moves ,…9. 17 and 25 ,the fader 2 moves 10 18 and 26 etc etc etc,so i think i have to tell the hui that pert 1 is for 1 to 8,port 2 is for 9 to 16 etc etc ,there are any way in cubase to do that? ,i found this in protools ,logic,studio one or reaper but not in cubase

If you can not set different hardware address on the unit, I dont think it can be done. MCU has same limitation, but for 4 units. (Everyting remote in cucbase is from early 90’s so dont expect it to useful. It’s a sticker on the BOX for sale, not of use)

I remember having that SAME issue in Logic with a StudioLogic Controller. Logic had a setting that stopped fader 1 matching 9 and 17 etc. In Cubase all I see is adding 4 HUI’s and assigning diff midi ports. StudioOne has a way to assign them as well. Im looking for a solution but not finding any. doesn’t list Cubase in the downloads area which I thought was odd

Read through this here :

  1. Connect Mackie HUI to your computer.
  2. Turn on Mackie HUI.
  3. Start Cubase or Nuendo.
  4. Select Devices > Device Setup > Add Device.
  5. In the Device Setup dialog, click + and select Mackie HUI.
  6. Select the MIDI Input for Mackie HUI.
  7. Select the MIDI Output for Mackie HUI.
  8. Select MIDI Port Setup in the list on the left.
  9. On the table on the right, locate the MIDI input to which you have connected the remote device.
  10. Deactivate the checkbox in the In ‘All MIDI Inputs’ column for that input. This avoids accidentally recording the data from the remote control device when All
    MIDI Inputs is selected as input for a MIDI track.
  11. Click OK to close the Device Setup dialog.

yes I try many times and is imposibles can believe that cubase don’t permite do that ,only for this maybe I have to change of DAW

Double check this:

Also, send a support ticket to Steinberg

If you like hardware control surfaces Cubase is not the right product.
Steinberg has not done much on their remote control functions for 20 years or something, except the Nuage. You have two options. Buy a Yamaha Nuage or switch DAW, and im not sure that Nuage is that relevant any more either.

I think is cheaper switch DAW,is very sad cos I really like cubase but for my mixes is imposible ,or use another computer but this is back to the past

Very sad. But I guess it is a market strategy. And it might be right today most professional mixing is done with protools so Steinberg may have given up that market and focus on pre-production creative tools. (Even if the mixer got a facelift in 10.5, but is was only new painting) More targeting the competition from FL and Albeton.

Funny but the Behringer controller work just fine with Mackie protocol. I have a buddy with the transport and two extenders for 24 channel control. Behringer X Touch Universal plus two extenders.

This is ODD unless it is something on the Fadermate side

I it is a great product. However MCU is working that great within cubase, or cubase has a LOT of mixer functions that is not accessible though MCU. I think you can have 4 units, giving max 32 channels. But it is a silly limitations. You can have about 240 units on a usb bus. You can have many usb buses on computer. 4096 units should not be a technical problem so 30000 channels is a reasonable technical limitation. And with a smarter adressing there is this 4 devices sub address giving 120000 channels. I dont need 120000 channels, I have two units giving me 16 channels, what I need is a smarter way to use them. Like grouping, splitting and VCA’s etc.

maybe there is something that the people of steinberg have to think is very estrange that a lot of daw can do that but cubase that spout to be one of the best can do it

I had an X Touch, and currently have an MCU, and Cubase integration is excellent.

However, I think the OP’s hardware wants HUI, which is a different (and older) protocol. I looked around the website but couldn’t find any documentation at all on controller support, let alone whether they wanted HUI or MCU.

so nobody from Steinberg that can help with this?

any help with hui? how yo use 32 channels?

I jut purchased a new fadermate system and have the same issue! This is a BUG and should be fixed by Steinberg. All the other daws out there work fine.

I have an Impulse 25 and faders do not work at all with HUI. Pan and transport seem to be he only thing that works.

i read that you had problems too with the fadermate and cubase at last you can solve the problem?