Humanize - Frank's Midi plugin

Hello, I’m looking for ways to humanize some Midi tracks in Cubase Pro 9 and have been experimenting with the randomize features in Midi Modifiers and the Logical Editor. I’ve also been looking at Frank’s Midi Humanize plugin and wonder if that provides anything that can’t be done in Cubase. It looks like Frank’s plugin may have a bit more control over humanize/randomize. Anybody have experience with this or opinions about how helpful it is?

In Groove Agent SE there are some very nice Humanize functions for some of the MIDI effects and they can all be automated.

Sometimes using the Midi Logical Editor it is possible to “humanize” velocities with a random but reasonable setting for a part range.

In Retrologue, the arpeggiator, has a very effective “swing” function for sequences it plays.

Tracks or parts can be off-set slightly on the info line, even a few ticks can be interesting.

Quantize Groove Patterns can also be good. Find a loop with a feel you like and use that as the basis for a groove quantize.