Humanize start positions of notes... not having any effect anymore ?!

Humanize start positions of notes… not having any effect anymore, I remember clearly how I could monitor the effect in the key editor when looking at the played duration, now no amount of % will move the notes in any kind of way after I hit “apply”.

Swing and duration are still effective so far… but not the start position !

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Yes, I’m afraid the Humanize the start positions of notes by option on the Timing page of Playback Options is not working as expected in Dorico 5.0.20. It will be fixed in the next update when it arrives.


Thank you Daniel, at least I am not gonna scratch my head over this anymore !!

I can’t wait for this upcoming update as the “Humanize start positions of notes” parameter is extremely efficient if set carefully (50% is actually working great in my case) and this is one of the aspect of Dorico that makes it leading the pack in terms of playback humanisation (I was a hardcore logic pro X midi programmer).

Daniel, I usually use the note start humanization of VSL’s Synchron Player. This uses however a random-type algorithm on each individual note.

I wonder if Dorico does it in a more phrase-based way, as it does with dynamics. That is, maybe, by distributing the uncertainty in a linear way in a phrase, or by differentiating easier/more difficult intervals.


No, Dorico isn’t particularly sophisticated about this: it handles all notes in the same way.

Dear Daniel,

I think sometimes less is more, and the implementation of Humanize the start positions of notes by in Dorico gives excellent results with proper settings.

I gess I can see where Paolo would like to see it go, and some research should be conducted in all directions.

From my experience and given how satisfied I was with the results, I would eventually suggest that Humanize the start positions of notes by be linked to the Tempo :

-Slower tempos would widen the gaps
-Faster tempos would narrow the gaps

This is very much in line with how the swing function works in Dorico, and I believe the same philosophy applied to Humanize the start positions of notes by could be a refined but substantial improvement !!