Humanizing Rhythym Guitar w/Logical Editor

Anyone have any ideas on how to use the logical editor to emulate the up/down strumming on midi guitar parts?


Are your notes quantised before the humanise you want to perform?

I’ve always struggled and never got the strumming of midi guitar correct.
If anyone can help i’d appreciate it thanks. I’ve never used logical editor either.

The “trim” tool in the MIDI editor toolbar is useful for this. It allows you to adjust the start and end times of the individual notes of a guitar chord, so that each note starts (or ends) at a progressively later (or earlier) time. Hold down the Alt key to trim the start times when drawing with the trim tool. This will simulate up or down strumming depending on which direction the drawn line is sloped.

Yes, that’s great, but you have to do it manually. I will try to find a way to automate it via Logical Editor, once I will find a time. But I’m sure it will work (if at all) only if the source notes are quantized.

Perhaps using the MIDI guitar - mono mode (separate channel per string) analogy will help setup something in the LE, e.g. delay the channel 5 note by __ in relation to the position of the ch 6 note position, then delay ch 4 by __ in relation to ch 5, etc.

But how to setup a pattern of the downstroke beginning with ch 6 and the upstroke with ch1? And assign note(s) a specific channel?

I agree that having the chords quantized before hand is required for the success of the solution.

Here’s a rudimentary thing I use for four note chords:
3 LE presets that use the Context variable: Note Number in Chord and a macro that runs each in turn. Presets attached.
strum LE (3.4 KB)

Yes the notes are quantized. I’ve given it about a 15-20% swing factor to it to loosen it up a little bit, but they are all quantized.

I’ll check this out and see what comes of it.