Hurray! Read Enable remembered in Midi Device Control Panels

Hurray ! Finally in Cubase 6 the Read-Enable status in all my Midi Device Controller Panels is remembered in my projects ! Now I don’t have tot switch them on every restart. Also no crashes anymore with two projects open and switching “activate project”.
Good new functionalities. Good looks. Funny scrolling long names in tracklist on mouse-over (some do and some don’t, strange). Had to do some research before I found the Devide Tracklist button on the upper right this time. It’s a pity that the snapshotnames don’t appear anymore in the midipanels. Seems like a bug to me. This is since Cubase 5.5. Since Cubase 6 they also don’t appear anymore in the inspector. Also the patchnames of the other mididevices don’t appear in the inspector anymore, but this already seems to be noticed by Steinberg: Hope this will be fixed on next update ?

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Well I complained about the lacking names in the panels a few times before but get no reactions.
I get the impression not many people are using the user made panels because it’s complicated. It took me some time but it’s working okay.