Here’s sending good thoughts to everyone who is going to get affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Tom: have you had to do any special preparations to ensure the safety of the studio?


Also, what type of microphones, and what orientation, is best for recording a Hurricane? Mid-Side? Large or small diaphragm condensers? Dynamic? (I presume ribbon mics would be a bad choice) Tube mic-pre or solid state? Both? :wink:

Be safe everybody.

I would think the more rugged the better, maybe good old SM57’s welded onto some scaffolding poles cemented into the ground with massive windshields, like a sheep on each one :laughing:


LOL. I spent all day doing things outside. Tonight I am doing another backup of this week’s work loading a breifcase with all the others and getting it out of house over to my girlfriend’s. I love my trees, but last year the hurricane dropped one 20’ from my house.

I got the RV together, gutters cleaned, consolidated all the microphones that were setup in the live rooms all back into their places in the closet.

One positive thing is the mics are all put away and reorganized.

The equipment rack is on rollers, so that would be easy to move to another section of the house should something happen. I just have to disconnect all the snakes and I/O interconnects.

We’ll see what happens. Last I checked, this thing was on a B-Line for my area. Kind of scary to be honest. We don’t get this kind of storm… EVER.

It is funny you mentioned recording the storm. I was joking with someone on the phone about an hour ago. I told them if power was lost, I would fire up the generator in the RV, feed the studio, and record!

If I was outside, I would use an RE-20. it would be the most realistic sounding mic. Well, it would be a bit smooth too! :laughing:

I hope things are ok and it turns out to be less than expected. I am prepared though. I’ll finish up the prep tonight.

Did you clean the gutters yourself? I wanted to do it this weekend, but my wife is working today (and still at work) so I’m doing Mr. Mom duty and was unable to do anything beyond bringing the patio furniture into the garage.

Kohls yes I clean my gutters myself. I climb the roof with the leaf blower and blue them out. Then I I light everything on fire with a blow torch.

Wild wild night. The eye of the storm passed right over the studio. I had packed up all my microphones and backup drives into cases and had the rack gear ready for evacuation. Luckily the trees that did fall missed the studio and living space here. I’m not afraid of anything, at least that is what I thought last night till the winds reached speeds I have never experienced before in my years at this location. Last night I heard a crash and the whole place shook. I went outside with a flashlight to see what happened and 1/2 way around the property I heard the crack of a tree snapping with a gust. It scared the shi† out of me as I looked at these towering trees that surround my place and I ran back inside. These gusts lasted for 30 seconds or more.

I was seriously prepared for the worst: A tree coming through the roof into the control room. heh, I didn’t even consider myself or my own safety! How screwy is that!?!?!

Glad you and the studio are ok mate. Sounds like a kind of night I wouldn’t get much sleep in :wink:

That was a bad storm! :open_mouth:
Everyone allright?

Yeah, I hope everyone is alright, including all the poor bastards that don’t even have Cubase.

But seriously. I remember the words and images from TV in the 70ies.
Kind of “Stop increasing the CO2 emissions, or else …”

And now? Well, Sandy is the predictions personified to a T :astonished: Looks like a freakin’ rerun of the footage from back then! And all the climate and weather statistics has the same hockey stick shape. So, well … 35 years of preparation time down the drain :cry:

This is just the beginning

Man-made global warming is a myth.

There is, and always will be, climate change. It had occurred long before man, and it will continue to occur right up to the point where our Sun goes nova and incinerates the planet (about 4 billion years from now).

In the meantime, it would be excellent planning (on our part) to figure a way to harness the resources of this rock to get OFF it, and migrate somewhere else, before our Sun does its’ nova thang.

As for Sandy, it was barely a hurricane at all. Only a Class 1. I lived in New Orleans in 1965 when Hurricane Betsy hit. She was a monster Class 5 storm. Huge difference between a Class 1 and Class 5.

Unfortunately, Sandy struck an area that was vulnerable to even a powerful tropical storm. That’s the risk of building by the seaside. Folks should have evacuated like they were advised. It’s tragic that some thought they could ride it out.

I’m glad you survived the hurricane but there are no comparisons here. The north east doesn’t get hurricanes let alone a combination 2 storms simultaneously into a super storm. The most we ever get is extratropical remnants.

As a point of interest:- Carbon dioxide (chemical formula CO2) is a naturally occurring chemical compound composed of two oxygen atoms covalently bonded to a single carbon atom. It is a gas at standard temperature and pressure and exists in Earth’s atmosphere in this state, as a trace gas at a concentration of 0.039 per cent by volume

Why is it being blamed for global warming?

I thought our sun will become a red giant that will engulf the earth then blow off it’s outer layers and eventually turn into a neutron star to slowly suffer a very long demises of a heat death into a stellar remnant.

Edit, I meant White Dwarf not Nutron Star :blush:

¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿ Did you just research that because it took you 33 minutes to add that! :laughing:

Haha… yes and no!!!

I do have a great interest in all things astronomical and thought that our sun wont go Nova, but I did check my facts before posting :sunglasses: :laughing:

Double Edit!!!

Obviously I didn’t check my facts well enough :smiley:

Yes, the Sun will expand into a red giant. It won’t explode like a nova. The Earth will become a cinder. That’s the point.

Ok. this all is starting to make sense. The earth is warming to evolve the human species in preparation of the coming red giant. Steve, i think there is something wrong with you. You not standing the heat and all. You like need to eat vitamins or something. :mrgreen:

The myth is a myth. All climatologist agree that it’s not a myth, except those doing bad science payed by big oil or those who for religious reasons can’t do a proper job.

A few words from somebody who at least have tried to get a reasonable idea of what he’s talking about?
Most of us are just guessing in the darkness, at least compared to people like this guy, but no matter what you “think”, it’s an interesting read? :slight_smile: