Hybrid Monitoring Mode for Simultaneous Playback and Live Input

Feature Request: The addition of a “Hybrid Monitoring Mode” that enables users to hear both the previously recorded audio on a track and the live input signal when track monitoring is enabled.

Rationale: Currently, when track monitoring is enabled in Cubase, the software does not allow for playback of the existing recorded material on that track. This limitation presents challenges during recording sessions, especially in scenarios where, for example, a producer needs to hear the backing track while also staying in communication with a vocalist or instrumentalist in the booth. Producers and engineers often need to provide immediate feedback, communicate cues, or even sing along with the artist. The lack of this functionality necessitates workarounds that are not always efficient or feasible, especially in fast-paced recording environments.

Proposed Solution: Implement a new recording mode, perhaps named “Hybrid Monitoring Mode,” which allows the playback of the already recorded content on a track while simultaneously monitoring the live input. This mode would serve as an additional option alongside the existing recording modes like “Tape Machine Style” and others.

Such a feature would enable a seamless recording workflow, fostering a more creative and efficient studio environment. It would allow engineers and artists to interact more freely, without the technical interruptions caused by current limitations.

Conclusion: This feature would not only respond to a frequently expressed need among the Cubase user base but also reinforce Steinberg’s reputation for innovation and user-focused development. I believe integrating this capability into Cubase would greatly enhance the recording experience, making it more flexible and accommodating to the diverse needs of today’s music production professionals.

For further details and community discussions on this matter, please see the following thread: [Monitor and Recording a Signal While Listen to the Track]

Thank you for considering this proposal. I, along with many in our community, look forward to the possibility of this enhancement to our beloved DAW.