Hymn Book - how to?


I am trying to set up a template for a hymn book and so far I am struggling a bit with the layout.
I changed Paper size to DINA5.
I split the page to have a music frame at the top and a text frame (for the verses) at the lower half.
Somehow I have problems with formatting the text frame (text size). It somehow does not want to stick.
Another issue: how do I get rid of the empty pages?
And: somehow I lost my frame with the verses for the third hymn.
Is there a way to recover it?
And there is a misplacement in the third line of the second hymn. It is a line, where I changed the key to an invisible one:
placement 3rd line.png
Thank you for help.
Hymn Book.dorico.zip (239 KB)

I made a few changes in your file:

  1. define your “default layout” with an textframe as you need it and other general settings
  2. build a paragraph style “verses” (i.e.)
  3. remove all page overrides and set a new one for the first page (set it to “default”)
  4. put all verses in “other informations” for every flow in the project settings (I found it a rather good way at least)
  5. use {@flowotherinfo@} to get the verses in your “default layout” in the textframe
  6. set the “music frame margins / top” (in layout options) to a lower value (15 i.e.)
  7. adjust the frame heights for the pages manually

Placement 3d line: I didn’t correct this in my example file. It’s easy: select the word “-hauf” and set “lyric text alignment” in the properties panel to “left”.

In short: the general settings help more than manual adjusting of every page. Use general settings (page layout i.e.) as often as possible.


Hymn Book New Layout.zip (239 KB)


thanks a thousand times! You are a master of Dorico already…
The trick with putting the verses into Project Info / Other Information is extremely cool!

mille grazie

I have a quite similar project at the moment on my desk…

One thing could be a problem:
In case you build a new flow and move it backwards between existing flows, Dorico doesn’t move the overridden page layouts with them (at least not for all frames…)! So you have to adjust every overridden page again! Thats because I suggest to build flows, input all music and texts first and only THEN (when all it’s done) begin to adjust the layout of the pages.

I found an addtional very helpful post about vertical text alignment:


That helps for the text frames! Use it in the default layout (“bottom”).