Hyped for 6.5.4 after 5....Yipee.... but need info

Hey all…Still pretty new here and posted with a question that was answered very quickly for CB5 after learning and doing some work with it. I know I might get blasted a bit but I am hooked on CB and want to go to 6.5 with the new VSTs.

I want to get a better PC. I have read as much as I can find out but I want the community’s input. I read the minimum requirements for CB6.5 but what specs will be the best?

I plan on using the VST instruments and midi on the very heavy side. I would like to keep the budget about 2 grand so i have enough left over to get CB 6.5, HALion Sonic (full), Pad Shop Pro, and some little VST Sound items like Gravity and such. So I think I would need something beefy to run all that without taxing the system to failure. I don’t want to get or settle for something that won’t run CB6.5 to it’s full potential. That would be a colossal waste of money.

Thoughts and ideas for around 2 grand or is that not practical?

Thank you so much for your input!!!

BTW…Thank you ThinkingCap for your replay on my last post. The topic was moved to an area that I don’t have access to…so I couldn’t reply to say ‘thanks’.