Hyper dance

I have reccently bought Hyper dance software and I think its really amazing but I thought it would have 16 part multi tremble like in HALion Sonic but unfortunately it doesn’t ! Any how I email stienberg and the replied by saying…
"Hypnotic Dance is not a multi timbral instrument.
But you can save your sound(s) by creating a track preset.
This can be achieved by right-clicking on the instrument track and choosing “Save Track Preset.”
I have tried to do this but I cannot find Save Track Preset please can someone guide me step by step!

Can’t you just load Hyper Dance in Halion Sonic? I only access Hyper Dance through Halion Sonic or Halion 5.

i dont have the hyper dance VSTi, but you probably can use it as library in halion sonic or HSse with multi timbral

Hi I have Halion Sonic SE and how can I load Hyper Dance in it secondly I have opened HSse and it is showing but the sounds aren’t working how can I get it to work please see pic . Please guide me step by step as I am not very familiar with this soft ware.

It’s Hypnotic Dance.

Its presets are supposed to show up in that window. Try uninstalling Hypnotic Dance then reinstalling it, that usually fixes issues like this.

Yes I’m taking about Hypnotic Dance, Sorry for mistake, anyhow I have installed and registered HD but how can I uninstall and re-register it like you have said please guide me? Will I use the same key or will I need again buy new key do I need to get in contact with steinberg ?
Before I simply downloaded the HD trial version and then installed it after using it I bought the key from steinberg then activated HD now tell me why is it showing twice please see pic when I only installed it once.

No, you don’t have to touch the license, I mean uninstalling Hypnotic Dance from Windows using Programs and Features which can be found in the Control Panel:

Then just run the Hypnotic Dance installer again and the presets should show up in Halion Sonic (in your case Halion Sonic SE 2). If that still doesn’t work, follow these instructions (the ones for Vista, they still work):


make sure you click install for all users.

Hello, I am really sorry I was a bit busy for the past few day but the problem still persists and now I have a few more projects due, so I want to solve the problem ASAP. There are two possibilities in this situation. The first is that the Steinberg team get into my PC via Team viewer, what do I have to do for this to be done? Second thing is that if I uninstall and then re-install Hypnotic Dance Trial win (Note: this is the trial version exe). Basically I do not want to take any sort of risk.

There’s obviously no risks in uninstalling and reinstalling. The trial version is the same as the full version, so you can use that to reinstall.