Hyper Modules

I know Hypersonic is discontinued and will not run on 64-bit windows (which I am now running on) but my e-licenser still shows an active license for the hyper modules (US-1, GP-2 and NB-3).

I still have the disk for the modules and have tried to install it. It seems to have put the Hypersonic Content in the correct folder but it doesn’t show up in the VST plugins in Cubase. However, it also tried to install Hypersonic 1.1 so I’m not sure if it worked correctly

I thought I might be able to access the content either through Hyper Sonic or Halion?

wich 64-bit Windows?

It differs from version to version where Cubase searches for VST-2 Plugins.

Maybe you have to edit the vst folder path!?

It seems to be possible to run Hypersonic on a 64-bit system with JBridge

I seem to have solved this. I ran the Hypersonic installer by double-clicking on the exe directly rather than trying to let it auto-install. It now runs fine which is fantastic!

Hope anyone else having problems with Hypersonic sees this and it helps them too!

I was very surprised when I instaled C6 on Windows 7 64 bit. My Hipersonic 2 is working without eny
issues. I could not believe. Even all moduls are working, but You have to open another track with Hipersonic.And there you see all moduls.

Yes, this was a nice BUG from Hypersonic :slight_smile: