HyperControl for Axiom Pro Keyboards

Here are the files…


Jaslan, Thank you so much ! This is a great help !

Hi. If the file works with the M-Audio Axiom Air Mini 32 keyboard, I could use it too.

Hi jaslan,
I have the axiom pro 25.
Can you send me the HyperControl personality file? Thanks!

Axiom pro 25 working well with cubase 7 32 bit and logic pro x , but generally i use cubase 64 bit and personality file of hypercontrol is 32 bit which doesn’t work in cubase 64 bit so are there any work around or drivers available ? m-audio driver support is very poor

I use Cubase 8 64 bit and the driver works very well. There is a 64 bit driver… :confused:

i did all that copy paste of hypercontrol file in component folder but result is just cubase 7 32bit works , 64 bit dont show axion pro 25 in device list is there some thing i am doing wrong?
do you mean that 64bit cubase hypercontrol file for axiom pro models?
if yes then can you give me file names? or can you share link where they are available?
thank you!
P.S.- i am talking about hypercontrol feature not about axiom pro usb drivers

Here are the Windows files. Sorry, I don’t have the Mac files if that is what you are using.

thank you @jaslan it worked somehow; thanks a lot

can you send me a hypercontroll file for axiom pro 61? im having a issue that, i cant use my knobs and fader in a plugin window to control it, it only works as transport and mixing controlling

Hi :slight_smile: I’ve downloaded the files you provided Jaslan , big cheers, I uninstalled the drivers & then rebooted & installed the driver you provided. (am on windows 7, cubase 8, running at 32 bit cos many of my plugins are 32 bit) I then installed the hypercontrol for cubase, then rebooted, then added the dll file to the components folder in cubase 8 in programme folder. then i went to generic device in cubase & put axiom pro hypercontrol in in & axiom pro hypercontrol out in out, but nothing is happening, please can you help me? I so need to get producing again! Big cheers

I just checked mine (C 9.0.30) and it the HyperControl is not working. I remember this happening once before not too long ago and I was able to get it working again by restarting the computer or something. Bottom line is that you should not be adding the M-Audio Axiom Pro as a remote MIDI device in the setup. That is for when you want to use a device in a “generic MIDI” mode (I believe). HyperControl works directly (maybe with MIDI, maybe not, I really don’t know) with Cubase to control the mixer, plugins, etc., but not in the same way generic MIDI control works. So, when you put the “AxiomProCubaseHyperControll.dll” file in the “Components” sub-folder of the Cubase installation and start Cubase, it should just be working. At least that is the way I remember it. Hopefully, someone will see this who can help out and possibly even has a fix as to why it sometimes stops working and how to fix that. I use the iCPro app and have that installed as well so I don’t know if that somehow “replaces” the AxiomPro. I do seem to remember at one time in the recent past playing around and having BOTH the Axiom Pro AND the iCPro app working AT THE SAME TIME though.

I honestly don’t use the AxiomPro to control the mixer and never really did much. And for that reason and the fact that I think it is a dead technology (the HyperControl, that is) I haven’t really devoted much time to trying to get it working again. I just use the mouse on the screen most of the time or the iCPro app. I still use the AxiomPro for general MIDI stuff like playing and controlling CCs though and all that still works fine.

Anyway, if you get it figured out please post the solution here and if someone knows more, please help us out.


I wanted to update my post above. I did get Hypercontrol working. I just had to use a different USB port on the computer. Then, there was an item under the Remote Devices header on the Device Setup display. If it is not there, it will probably need to be added manually then select HyperControl In and Out as appropriate.

I think the key is that it must be plugged in a USB 2.0 port. Whenever I plug into a USB 3.0 port, the basic MIDI works but the HyperControl stops working. HTH

Dear all,

could this procedure work even with the Axiom 32 mini?
This because I’m trying to work with it on Cubase 10, but it seems it’not mapped at all, and I can’t set the pads and the toggles…
Should I try with a more recent controller?


Hi Jaslan,

I’m looking to get Hypercontrol working on an M-Audio Air 49 midi keyboard with Cubase 10 LE (windows 10 64 bit), but the link on the M-Audio site is now dead. Do you still have the files to do this ? I navigated to the dropbox, but which files do I need ? What are the steps ? I have read in the thread that the files for the ‘Pro’ with some some other models like the ‘Air’ models from M-Audio.

Please can you help me ?

Thanks in advance

I came across your post and was wondering if you could send me the axiompro Hypercontrol file and it axiompro.dll if you have it.

Much Appreciated :+1::+1:

Just click the Dropbox links in the thread…


Sorry for digging up an old thread, but I wanted to know if anyone’s still using Hypercontrol with Cubase 11.

Mine has been working fine up to 10.5, and I just got around to checking it with Cubase 11 to find it’s now misbehaving. I wanted to see if support for Hypercontrol in Cubase has finally withered and died.