Hyperlink forum sigs

My lovely links now have to be copied and pasted it seems. They used to go to their respective pages, now they don’t. What happened? Just checked on MySteinberg and they’re correct but the hyperlink bit doesn’t work in the forum(s). This happened to anyone else? How do I get them to work properly again? Re-input them at MySteinberg? :unamused:


Must be a syntax error?

Go back to my steinberg/forum and check the syntax against the example, by hovering over the ? symbol

My “split” link still works!

Holy crap, I’ve made a mess of em now :laughing:
This is what I typed based on Steiny syntax:



As you can see, mine’s a bit screwed :open_mouth:
Where have I gone wrong?

You’ve got the around dome and cheese backwards. Should be ]DomeCheese[

Genius. Cheers Nate :sunglasses:

Anytime, Brother Phil. :sunglasses: