Hypersonic 2 and cubase 7.5, compatible ?

Hi everyone,

I bought Cubase 7.5, i was on cubase 5 and i use to use hypersonic 2. I plan to buy Halion sonic 2 but for some reasons i don’t know hypersonic 2 doesn’t work on my cubase 7.5. it worked very fine on cubase 5.
I am on windows 7 64 bits and i installed cubase in 32 bits. I can’t find the problem so i am asking if cubase 7.5 and Hyprsonic 2 are compatible ?
I wish Hypersonic 2 work on my cubase, so if somebody have some suggestions ?

No one knows ??? :unamused:

I use Hypersonic 2 with Cubase 7.5 x64 through jBridge without any issues.

Wow thats good news , I loved Hypersonic 2 … thought SB would buy out jbridge by now … or have some thing similar … Please roughly how much does Jbridge cost ?? n how does one configure it ?